Gifts (2)

How to Redeem Giftcards

Congrats – someone loves you! To redeem your giftcard, just select the membership option the giftcard is associated with and continue to purchase as normal. You will need to create a (free) online account so that you will be able to access your membership in the future. Once you checkout, there will be a place to enter a ‘Coupon Code’ at the checkout page, which is the code on the back of your giftcard. If you have any issues, email us at and we will take care of it right away!

How do I buy a gift?

We applaud your generosity! You can buy a giftcard here, or contact us to get help. Email us at or call us at (512) 827-7710.

Huckleberry Treatments (10)

How many Treatments do you get with each Treatment Set?

Each Treatment Set is designed to provide at least one standard facial treatment.

How often should I use a Treatment Set?

It is recommended that you exfoliate and use a treatment mask once a week to provide a revitalizing boost to your skin. Regular use of exfoliation and treatment masks will clear any dirt and toxin accumulation. The benefits are also cumulative, so regular usage will yield the best results! However, everyone’s skin is different and you may find that more or less frequency works best for you.

Do you have products for men?

All of our products can be used by both men and women! We are also developing treatments specifically targeted to men’s skin soon.

What ingredients do you use, or not use?

All of the ingredients that go into our products are carefully-selected for quality and freshness. We use natural products, such as flowers, plants, fruits, and herbs that occur in nature or oils, essences, and extracts derived from these naturally-growing ingredients. We also use proteins, vitamins, and naturally-derived acids like Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid, to provide the powerful effects for targeted treatments.

We do not use harsh chemicals, and avoid PABA, BHA or BHT, Coal-Tar, Petro-chemicals, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Fragrance, Formaldehyde-Releasing Agents, Lanolin, Phthalates, Artificial Colors, DEA or TEA, Mineral Oil and Sodium Lauryl Sulfates.

Are your products scented?

Our products are only scented with natural extracts and essential oils. We never use any chemical or synthetic fragrances.

Do you test on animals?

No! None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals, and they never will be.

Where are your products made?

Our products are formulated and crafted right here in the USA. They are made in small batches using only the highest-quality ingredients so they will always be fresh – guaranteed.

How do I store the product?

Since the products are designed to be single-use, long-term storage is not necessary. Just make sure the lid is closed tightly and store your products in a cool, dry place.

What is your mask brush made of?

Our mask brush is made of environmentally-responsible bamboo, with recyclable aluminum and animal-free taklon fibers! This light brush is easy to take care of: just rinse right after use, with warm water and the brush facing downward, and lay flat to dry.

What is included in each Treatment Set?

Each Treatment Set comes with one of our hand-crafted exfoliating scrubs or peels, and a corresponding treatment mask. Exfoliating will deep-clean your skin and allow the nutrients in the treatment mask to be better-absorbed.

Our Features and Registration (4)

Is it free to register for an account?

Yes – registering for an account is completely free! Just sign up here and provide your name and email address to start using your account. You will be able to see the results of your Skin Quiz and receive product recommendations right away.

What is the Skin Profile Quiz and how do I take it?

We have developed nine possible skin-type profiles to help you choose which products are best for you, given your skin type and your skin concerns. Take our 5-minute quiz to find out which of these 9 profiles is your Skin Type and start getting personalized recommendations!

What is the Treatment Menu and how do I customize it?

The Treatment Menu is where you can customize your product regimen. You can add any of our 20 Facial Treatment Sets to the Treatment Menu and they will be included in the rotation of products sent to you when you sign up for a subscription. You can customize it any time you like by signing into your account.

Am I only allowed to add Huckleberry’s product recommendations to my Treatment Menu?

No! You are welcome to look through all of our products and add anything of interest to your Treatment Menu. Beware, however, that our product recommendations are based upon the results of your Skin Quiz and so are probably the most suitable for your skin. All products are not equal for all skin types! Using the wrong products for your skin could result in not-so-fun reactions, so make sure you read the product descriptions in detail.

Our Subscriptions and Memberships (9)

I just signed up – what’s next?

Welcome to Huckleberry! We’re excited to help you get started. To get the most out of our services, make sure you have completed the Skin Quiz to find out your skin type, get personalized product recommendations, and customize your Treatment Menu. Your first shipment will include a Treatment Set selected from your Treatment Menu, which includes an exfoliating scrub or peel, and a treatment mask. You will also get our bamboo mask brush as a free gift!

What are the different subscriptions offered?

There are 4 subscription options: weekly, bi-weekly and monthly deliveries of Treatment Sets that auto-renew monthly, as well as a prepaid option that provides 12 Treatment Sets over 3 months.

I didn’t customize my Treatment Menu in time. What will I receive?

If you didn’t set up your Treatment Menu, we will select a treatment for you. To get the most out of our services, however, we suggest you make use of the Treatment Menu and get only the products you love!

Can I purchase more than one membership under one account?

Due to the personalized nature of our service we can only support one membership per account.

Will you tell me what is coming ahead of time? Can I choose?

You have full control over which products you add to your Treatment Menu. You can edit your list anytime from your Account Details page. However, the ultimate fulfillment will be up to us, which is half the fun! Don’t worry: since we only choose from your pre-set Treatment Menu, you can be sure that we will always pick something great for you.

I have allergies to certain products and ingredients. What do I do?

Please make sure you read all the ingredients! All ingredients are posted directly on each product page. Make sure you do NOT include products that contain ingredients you are allergic to in your Treatment Menu. This way, you won’t ever have to worry about us sending it to you. If you have further questions about what is included in our products, please feel free to contact us. If you’re concerned about potential reactions or need medical advice, please contact your health physician.

Can I change my skin profile?

You can retake the Skin Quiz at any time. The results are saved in your Account Details. For best results and recommendations, you shouldn’t manipulate the answers of the quiz just for other recommendations!

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

When you sign into your Account page, you can see your current active subscription. You may choose to change the level of membership or cancel your subscription. You must submit any subscription updates by the 8th or there is a chance they may not take effect for one full billing cycle of each month (3 business days prior to the billing date).

Can I pay in advance?

We currently offer a 12 Treatment / 3-month prepaid option. Under this option, you will receive 2 Treatment Sets every 2 weeks for 3 months. You are billed a lump sump upfront. However, your subscription is NOT auto-renewed at the end of the subscription period so you will have to select the subscription again.

Payment and Billing (5)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept most major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can enter your payment information online, which is securely transferred and stored. Or, you can call us at (512) 827-7710 to order.

How do I update my billing or payment information?

You can update your billing information through your Account Details page. Please make sure that any changes are made at least 3 business days prior to your next billing cycle to ensure the changes are registered!

Do you charge sales tax?

Since we operate out of Austin, Texas, we are legally required to collect sales tax for all orders shipped to Texas.

When will my credit card be charged?

We will charge your debit/credit card with your first month’s subscription when you first join. Each subsequent payment will be charged on the 11th or 25th of every month, depending on the date of your first shipment:

  • If your first shipment was on the 3rd of the month, your monthly billing cycle will be on the 25th – after you have received both shipments.
  • If your first shipment was on the 18th of the month, your monthly billing cycle will be on the 11th – after you have received both shipments.


Shipping and Returns (7)

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to all 50 states in the United States, United States territories, and APO boxes.

When will you ship my order?

We ship orders twice a month – on the week of 3rd and 18th of every month. If you first sign up between the 1st and 15th of the month, your first shipment date will be on the week of the 18th. If you sign up between the 16th and 31st of the month, your first shipment date will be on the week of the 3rd of the following month.

When can I expect my recurring shipments?

If you subscribed to the weekly, bi-weekly, or prepaid 3 month membership, you can expect recurring shipments to ship the week of the 3rd and 18th of each month. Monthly memberships will get recurring shipments one month from their first shipment date (e.g., if your first shipment date was on the 3rd, then all recurring shipments will be shipped on the 3rd of each month).

I recently moved. What do I do?

Just sign into your Account Details page and update your shipping and/or billing address. Please make sure you update your details at least 3 days before the next shipping date to ensure it has time to take effect. If you’re concerned, email or call us!

What is your shipping policy?

Free ground shipping is included in all membership subscriptions. We don’t offer expedited shipping at this time.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns. However, if something goes wrong, email us at and we’ll see how we can help.

Can I track my order?

Yes! We will let you know when your order has shipped and send you your tracking information so you can watch it arrive.

Social Mission (1)

What does it mean that a portion of the proceeds go to charitable causes?

Our company was founded with the belief that we can make beauty better. Not only do we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standard of integrity, but we see our company as a way of using what we love to help others achieve success. Every purchase contributes to our social mission of making the world better, and we hold ourselves accountable to not only our customers, but also our community and our environment.

That’s why we donate 1% of all profits to various charities both regionally and worldwide who share our vision of helping others build confidence and achieve success. We also aim to minimize our carbon footprint. To this end, we carefully map our shipping behavior and purchase carbon offsets in our quest for carbon-neutral shipping.